Justin Mihaly

The Heart and Soul Behind Team Mihaly

Starting in 2011 with a craze for human performance, I was 18 years old and yearning for a plan to unleash my passion into the world.

The Beginning of a Dream (2011)

• At 18, I discovered a passion that was more than just a fleeting interest; it was a calling that would shape my entire life.

• My journey in fitness began when it came knocking at my door, literally pulling me out of my house and leading me to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Creating Team Mihaly: A Testament to Empowerment

• What started as personal training sessions under my guidance quickly blossomed into something much more significant, ultimately leading to the creation of Together More.

• Together More became a symbol of empowerment, inspiring individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve their utmost potential in fitness and life.

A Legacy of Transformation

• My philosophy extended beyond mere physical training. I focused on life-changing transformations, impacting the mind, body, and spirit.

• I have led over 200 championship wins and influenced over 3,500 individuals, many of whom found a new direction in life through Together More.

The Ethos of Together More

• For me, Together More was never just about fitness; it was about building a culture of community, support, and holistic health.

•As the founder, I infused the fitness and bodybuilding world with innovative approaches, integrating holistic health practices and fostering a sense of pride and community.

An Invitation from Justin Mihaly

• I extend a heartfelt invitation to all those seeking not just physical transformation but a complete life change.

• Embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, a journey where you don't just change your physique; you transform your life.

Danielle Kusenberger

My story begins not with triumphs, but with challenges that shaped my path

At the young age of 15, I found myself grappling with depression and an eating disorder. These struggles, however, became the unlikely catalysts for my journey into the world of fitness and self-discovery. Fitness provided me with a much-needed outlet, a way to become someone I could be proud of.

The Turning Point: Education and Growth

• Learning from Mentors: My battle with an eating disorder led me to connect with numerous mentors, coaches, and leaders. From them, I gained invaluable knowledge about nutrition, which became the cornerstone of my personal growth and educational journey.

• Exploring Fitness Opportunities: My exploration led me to the world of fitness competitions. Participating in my first bikini competition was a leap out of my comfort zone, but it was a challenge that ignited a newfound strength and empowerment within me.

The Birth of a Coach: Empowering Others

• A Shift in Dream: The empowerment I felt was transformative, and it sparked a desire to impact others similarly. My dream evolved from focusing solely on myself to helping others become relentless in their fitness and competitive goals.

• Becoming a Coach: Approximately four years ago, I embraced the role of a coach. This decision marked a new chapter in my life, one dedicated to guiding and inspiring others.

A Focus on Mental Health: Beyond Physicality

• Learning Through Athletes: Over the past four years, working with numerous athletes has deepened my understanding of mental health and its crucial role in achieving lasting health and habit change.

• Mental Health as a Core Element: My passion for mental health is not just a component of my work; it's a fundamental aspect of my relationships with my athletes.

The Ultimate Goal: Transforming Lives

• More Than Physical Changes: My goal transcends physical transformation. It's about ensuring that my athletes' mental health and overall life are positively impacted.

• Belief and Empowerment: I firmly believe in the power of self-belief. Empowering someone to believe in themselves can profoundly impact their ability to create a fulfilling and joyful life.

Austyn Tokar

A Journey from Athleticism to Master Coach

My journey through the world of sports and fitness has been both exhilarating and transformative.

The Athletic Foundation: A Life Shaped by Sports

• A Passion for Sports: My life has always revolved around sports. Each game, whether it was on the football field or the track, was not just a pastime but a part of who I am.

• Collegiate Football and a Turning Point: Pursuing football at the collegiate level was a dream come true, but it was a dream that was cut short due to an injury requiring surgery. This was a pivotal moment, marking the end of my college football career before it truly began.

Transitioning to Bodybuilding: Finding a New Passion

• From Football to Bodybuilding: My transition from football to bodybuilding felt natural, as weight training had always been an integral part of my athletic regimen. In bodybuilding, I found a new passion, a pursuit that reignited the same fervor in me that football once did.

• A Life Centered Around Fitness: Today, my life is deeply intertwined with bodybuilding. It's not just about competing; it's also about coaching, educating, and continuously learning.

Coaching: A New Arena of Achievement

• From In-Person to Online Coaching: Since 2016, I've been training clients in person, but in 2021, I made a significant shift to online coaching. This change has allowed me to have a more comprehensive impact on my clients’ results by controlling various aspects of their training and lifestyle.

• The Joy of Coaching: What I love most about coaching is the ability to push clients to their fullest potential and the opportunity to impart knowledge. My goal goes beyond helping clients achieve their dream physique; it's about instilling an unstoppable mindset that permeates all facets of their lives.

Your Journey, My Guidance

• A Personalized Approach: To anyone embarking on their fitness journey with me, whether as a competitor or a lifestyle client, be prepared to be pushed beyond your limits. Your journey is unique, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your journey in fitness is as fulfilling and transformative as mine has been.


What’s the main idea behind Together More?

At Together More, we're all about blending rigorous fitness training with a genuine sense of community and overall wellness. Our goal? To empower you in a setting where everyone supports each other. It's not just about lifting weights; it's about lifting spirits too

What kinds of fitness programs do you guys offer?

We are all online based which gives you the opportunity to access your coach, the community, and support 24/7. Your nutrition will be tailored to you as well as your training assessed daily to make the changes needed to see improvements.

Who fits in best at Together More?

Honestly, everyone! Whether you’re taking your first fitness steps or you’re a seasoned athlete, there’s a place for you here. We pride ourselves on our welcoming vibe and programs that suit all levels.

Does Together More take beginners?

YES! We have beginner-friendly programs designed to ease you into fitness comfortably. These programs focus on foundational skills, building confidence, and gradually increasing intensity at a pace that’s right for you.

How do you support mental and emotional health at Together More?

Webelieve that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. So, in addition to our physical training, we focus on mental well-being. We’re here to listen, support, and encourage you – it’s all about a balanced approach to health.

What sets Together More apart from other fitness places?

What makes us special is our heart. We’re not just another bodybuilding team; we're a family. Our personalized coaching, community events, and a real focus on long-term healthy habits set us apart. We’re dedicated to making fitness a joyful and life-changing experience for everyone.

Can I join if I have certain health issues or physical limitations?

Absolutely! Our team is trained to work with various conditions and tailor workouts that are safe and effective for you. We believe fitness is for everyone, and we're committed to making it accessible to all. If we notice any health issues, we will just require your doctor to clear you before moving forward!

How important is nutrition in your programs?

Super important! We see nutrition as a key part of your fitness journey. Our approach is to give you personalized dietary advice that complements your workouts and fits into your lifestyle.

What’s the community like at Together More?

Here, you’ll find friends, motivators, and maybe even a second family. We celebrate each other’s wins, provide a shoulder when needed, and share a lot of laughs along the way.

How do I get started with you guys?

Click on any of the links on our website to book a call with one of our incredible coaches! We will see who is the best fit for you and your goals and you will be introduced into the Together More Family.

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